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NBC5 weather team's big wheels are rolled out in "Convoy" spot

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Fort Worth-based NBC5 continues to accentuate its weather team while also taking a countrified approach.

Its new one-minute “Weather Convoy” spot salutes the station’s Texas Storm Fleet with a hit-the-road, twang-centric takeoff on the 1975 hit single “Convoy,” and its signature CB chatter. In this case, chief meteorologist David Finfrock is first shown and heard saying, “Breaker 5, this here’s Thunder Truck.”

Temperature-takers Rick Mitchell and Grant Johnston are also behind some wheels while Brian James and the womenfolk, Samantha Davies and newcomer Keisha Burns, can be glimpsed back at the station. “We’re the ultimate storm trackin’ team,” says the accompanying voice-over.

It’s quite a cornpone contrast to TEGNA8’s ongoing “We Bring the Delkus” campaign, which portrays head forecaster Pete Delkus as a one-man, self-satisfied weather god.

Here’s NBC5’s newest weather push.

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