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Kids blaze away on Fourth of July/cops called/kids scatter (updated)

A WFAA8 photographer shot this action-packed, 39 seconds of visceral, ground-level Fourth of July fireworks video. It speaks for itself as both a cautionary tale and one helluva chilling show. Hope no one got hurt. I've never seen anything quite like this.

(Note: The photographer, not identified in a youtube posting of this clip, is veteran WFAA8 staffer Robert Flagg. A story on wfaa.com by reporter Gary Reaves says the incident occurred at the Creekside Villa apartments in southeast Dallas. Flagg, who described the scene as "basically a war zone," says he suffered a small burn to his neck when hit by one of the fireworks shot at him. Flagg's vehicle also was reportedly damaged by rocks, bottles and fireworks. Police did not catch any of the perpetrators but promise to investigate further.)
Ed Bark