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"Did ya ever think about why you watch the news that you do?"

Cornpone and cowboy-centric, this 1987 promo starred the late Dennis Weaver as an otherwise unidentified spokesman for WFAA8's newscasts.

At the time Weaver was starring in ABC's shortlived Buck James series, in which he played a sawbones modeled after Houston's famed Dr. Red Duke. Note the steer head and gun rack on the hardwood walls of his cracker barrel domain.

"In my book there's only one," says Weaver. "One choice every day. News 8."

Never mind that Weaver, who'd long been a household name and face, likely had never settled in with a WFAA8 newscast. He had the gift of persuasion, though. And the money back then was probably pretty good. So hell, why not give it a shot, with Weaver quoting his "dad" and crossing his legs before broadly grinnin' at spot's end. You'd buy a tarantula from the man, now wouldn't ya? Enjoy.