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Selling TNT's Dallas with a suitably over-the-top new trailer

The old Dallas wasn't known for restraint in its depiction of the cheatin' hearts and crooked bidnessmen populating every nook and cranny of dirty dealin' Big D.

TNT's new one won't be showing any either, judging from this spanking new trailer. Included are laughable intonations from an off-screen pitchman, a handful of deep-breathing scenes and a gathering of cast members to chew over what the original CBS series meant to us all.

"It's epic in terms of 'appointment' television," says Patrick Duffy, who's returning as Bobby Ewing along with Larry Hagman as J.R. and Linda Gray as Sue Ellen. Their offspring are expected to get the bulk of the camera time, though, with the show's old hands dropping in and out.

The new Dallas is set to premiere sometime next summer. Have a look if you'd like.