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Corning takes down a cookie; dough promised by Izzy

WFAA8's continuing adventures of Ron "Corning In The Morning" include the sight of his successful completion of Daybreak's "Eat A Cookie with No Hands Contest."

He flawlessly navigated an Oreo from his forehead to his mouth on Tuesday's edition, which means that co-anchor Cynthia "Izzy" Izaguirre owes him $20 if she doesn't welsh on her on-air promise.

Yeah, I know. Walter Cronkite once did the CBS Morning News with a lion puppet named Charlemagne. And Today's esteemed Dave Garroway used to cavort on that show with a real life chimp named J. Fred Muggs. So WFAA8 management can say that Corning's in the same wacky early morning company -- courtesy of a mere cookie. And as the station first demonstrated, even Orlando Magic star Dwight Howard failed to do what Corning did on his first try.

Corning of course tweeted his feat on Twitter, with a link to the video below. As he must know, though, he's starting to look a little puffy on the air. So next time maybe he could find a way to nibble on a rice cake while swinging upside down from a low-flying Chopper 8.

Oh but we kid the kid and his daily Daybreak antics. Ball's in your court, Tim Ryan, and you need to come up big. Can you spell Fox4 co-anchor Lauren Przybyl's surname backwards and balance a marshmallow on your nose while she tickles your funny bone?

I'll bet Ron could -- and maybe would. Meanwhile, enjoy the show -- or not.