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WFAA8's David Schechter is looking more and more like North Texas' best TV storyteller

Dallas-based WFAA8 reporter David Schechter is a Clark Kent-ish looking guy who oftentimes has super powers when it comes to telling a good story.

They can be hard or soft. Schechter's recent reports on speeding packs of life-endangering motorcyclists have gotten the attention of various regulatory bodies. But he's lately had another pet project -- pets. And butterflies, too.

On Thursday's 10 p.m. newscast, Schechter had a story on the Rio Grande Valley's National Butterfly Center, which is dedicated to protecting the hundreds of species unique to Texas.

He also recently told of the reunion of a man and his bulldog, Impala, after an armed robbery had separated them. A $5,000 reward was offered, but the kindly Oak Cliff family that found Impala refused to take a cent.

Both stories were uplifting. But for a true short-form classic, look no further than Schechter's earlier story on a Hunt County dog named Spot. His master was killed by a drunk driver five months ago. But Spot still keeps the faith, and you might well be hard-pressed to hold back a tear after watching the below video.

Its pictures make the story, but Schechter knows just how to use them. His style, and the story's substance, are a perfect combination.