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Rebecca Aguilar returns to election-night street reporting via a new D-FW venue

Rebecca Aguilar returned to D-FW street reporting on election night. And as the "old media" gradually gives way to the new, her venue spoke volumes.

D-FW's big four television news providers -- Fox4, NBC5, WFAA8 and CBS11-- increasingly aren't the only shows in town. Not only that, they've all been significantly downsized in the past year or two. So the field is wide open for small but increasingly influential voices, including unclebarky.com, dare it be said.

Aguilar's election night employer was Latinalista.net. Suspended just over a year ago by Fox4 and officially dismissed on May 8th, she reported from outside the Dallas County Democratic Party's party site in the Bishop Arts district. Aguilar said she was contacted on election eve by Marisa Trevino, founder and publisher of Latina Lista.

"Marisa wanted to do a live webcast on Tuesday night, and I was her special correspondent," Aguilar said in an email to unclebarky.com. "It was great. I guess after more than a year, it's easy jumping back on the bike. Ha! The web is my friend. Ha!"

Four of her video interviews, each lasting between three-and-a-half and four-and-a-half minutes, are posted on the Latina Lista website. The one below is with small businessman Jorge Alvarez. Take a look.

Latina Lista 02 from Doce Productions on Vimeo.