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Ready or not, Tony Romo is (in new commercial)

Love or loathe the Dallas Cowboys, there's lots to like about this new Tony Romo spot for Starter sports gear.

The oft-criticized but resilient Cowboys QB is in the throes of a Rocky-esque workout while ticking off all the criticisms aimed at his team. His parting shot: "People are focused on what we haven't done. That's what I'm focused on, too."

Those are fighting words, and Romo delivers them very effectively. Now it's put-up-or-shutup time, beginning Wednesday night against the Super Bowl champion New York Giants on their home field.

Regular readers of this site know I'm a Wisconsin native and longtime Green Bay Packers fan. But Romo at last seems to be coming of age and establishing himself as a leader. And I think this image spot does a very good job of selling what seems to be his new resolve.
Ed Bark