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A dig at the old Texas Stadium recaptured from way back in 1969

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Nearly a half-century ago, Dallas Cowboys owner Clint Murchison, Jr., assisted by quarterback Dan Meredith, were on hand for the first dirt diggings of what would become Texas Stadium.

The team hadn’t yet won a Super Bowl, but would win five during Texas Stadium’s existence from 1971 though the 2008 season. Jerry Jones then had it imploded on April 11, 2010, and unclebarky.com provided a big blowout on that day.

Thanks to ongoing preservation efforts by SMU’s G. William Jones Film and Video Collection, a wealth of WFAA-TV’s vintage filmed footage is being resuscitated. So enjoy this one minute, 35 second look at the 1969 festivities at what emerged as the legendary stadium with the hole in the roof.

There’s no sound at first, but ample audio in due time. Also, look for an inventive sight gag and a one-liner from Meredith that gets the intended laughs. Then came the bulldozers. Back then, mere shovels apparently were deemed too puny for “America’s Team.”

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