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Texan Bachelorette "bad boy" kicks back on Good Morning Texas

Wes Hayden with Bachelorette Jillian Harris -- and by his lonesome.

Austin-based country singer Wes Hayden is makin' the rounds these days, tellin' everyone he's not the "controversial Bachelorette bad boy" depicted on the ABC show's most recent edition.

He visited WFAA8's Good Morning Texas Tuesday morning to both plead his case on the show and in a special "Internet extension" of an interview with co-hosts Robert McCollum and Pat Smith.

It was fairly edgy TV, at least for the usually soft-serving GMT. Particularly because Hayden's pointed allegations about The Bachelorette came on the ABC affiliate station that carries the show in D-FW.

Hayden now says he was "set up from the very beginning" to be the show's heel. His contract with ABC amounted to "pretty much signing my life away," he said. "It pretty much says, 'Hey, we can do whatever we want to you. We can distort your character in any way."

There's even a "suicide clause" in the contract, Hayden said, absolving ABC of any liability in case a contestant ends up taking his or her life after being humiliated.

Of course no one forced Hayden to wade into the reality show cesspool, which he didn't do to "get fame," he insists.

It hasn't stopped him, though, from offering a download of the song he did for Jillian Harris on The Bachelorette before getting booted. It's available on his official website.

Here's GMT's Internet-only continuation of Hayden's back-of-the-hand to The Bachelorette.