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TV Bulletin Board (Aug. 24)

***CBS says that Drew Carey officially will take over The Price Is Right on Oct. 15th. Meanwhile, the network already is juicing up his other game show, Power of 10, by having two Big Brother 8 house guests square off Tuesday (Aug. 28th). They would be the constantly weeping Amber Siyavus and lithe blonde Daniele Donato, whose nefarious dad, Dick, also is still in the house.

CBS should understand something, though. ABC began leading Who Wants to be a Millionaire to ruination by junking it up with celebrity players. People want real people to win big money. And once on Big Brother, you're no longer a real person.

***The CW network has unveiled 13 finalists for the ninth "cycle" of America's Next Top Model. As usual the show adamantly refuses to give last names. But one of the contestants, 19-year old Ambreal, is a college student from Dallas. There's also Chantal, 19, a just plain "student" from Austin. Is this really worth investigating further? No.

***NBC is reviving American Gladiators, the cheesy but fun athletic competition that ran from 1989-97 in syndication and introduced the likes of Nitro, Turbo, Zap, Lace, Storm and Siren.

Craig Plestis, the Peacock's excitable head of alternative programming, claims the "Gladiator brand is unlike anything on television today, and is event programming at its biggest and best."

No hosts or combatants have been named yet.

***MyNetworkTV, which flopped with cheap, recycled English language telenovelas last season, will be rebooting with new series such as Celebrity Expose and Control Room Presents. Both premiere on Oct. 1st.

Expose, as you might deduce, will expose celebrities. There's no host or targets yet. Control Room offers concert performances in HD, with the first show presenting Maroon 5, John Mayer and Mandy Moore.