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TV Bulletin Board (Feb. 20)

Lost will give viewers an extra five new episodes and also move back an hour on Thursdays as part of ABC's post-strike spring fling.

Three of the series' eight new pre-strike hours have aired to date. The additional five episodes, slated to start on April 24th at 9 p.m. (central) Thursdays, will enable Lost to finish up just a bit shy of this season's original 16-episode order.

ABC also has announced the late-season/new episode returns of six other popular series. Chronologically, here they are:

Samantha Who? -- Monday, April 7th (six originals)

Boston Legal -- Tuesday, April 8th (six originals)

Desperate Housewives -- Sunday, April 13th (five originals plus a two-hour season finale)

Brothers & Sisters -- April 20th (four originals)

Ugly Betty -- April 24th (five originals)

Grey's Anatomy -- April 24th (five originals)