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TV Bulletin Board (Nov. 12)

Glenn Close plays nefarious litigator Patty Hewes in FX's Damages.

FX cable's acclaimed Damages will be back -- not just for one more season but for a third as well.

The network announced the two-ply renewal Monday, with stars Glenn Close, Rose Byrne and Tate Donovan all signed on for at least the second season. FX has committed to 26 episodes, although the ongoing writers' strike puts production on indefinite hold. FX tentatively hopes to start work on Season 2 early next year in New York.

The 13-episode drama ended its first season on Oct. 23rd by wrapping up its main murder mystery but setting up a clash between scheming Manhattan mega-attorney Patty Hewes (Close) and her now undercover protege, Ellen Parsons (Byrne). Ratings were sub-par for FX, with 2.5 million viewers per episode and 1.1 million in the advertiser-craved 18-to-49-year-old demographic.

Reviews were mostly raves, though, so FX found a way to do the deal. Bravo.

FX now has six drama series in its arsenal, with The Shield, Rescue Me, Dirt and The Riches all slated to return while Nip/Tuck recently began its fifth season.