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TV Bulletin Board (Sept. 4)

Charter cast member Anthony Edwards will return to ER for one episode in the series' 15th and last season, NBC says.

Edwards, who played Dr. Mark Greene, left the show near the end of the 2001-'02 season. He'll be back on a Nov. 13th episode titled "Heal Thyself."

"We had hoped to bring back some of ER's stars for the final season and think that our loyal fans will enjoy seeing some of the show's most beloved and memorable characters," executive producer John Wells says in a statement.

Another original cast member, Noah Wyle, has been featured in new promos for ER. So expect him back as Dr. John Carter. No word yet on whether George Clooney might also give ER a final fling as Dr. Douglas Ross. Now that'd be big.

***Former Friends star Jennifer Aniston has been signed to return to her former Thursday night digs for a one-episode guest shot on NBC's 30 Rock.

Aniston gets to play "Fatal Attraction-like stalker" Claire Harper, an ex-roommate of Rock star Liz Lemon (Tina Fey).

"Jennifer is not only incredibly lovely to have around, she also has what the young people would call 'mad skills,' " joshes Fey. Rock, with 17 Emmy nominations currently in tow, won't return until Oct. 30th.

***The Emmy people are making it a point to pair intriguing couples as presenters for the Sept. 21st ceremony on ABC. Just announced are Don Rickles and Kathy Griffin.

He'd better call her a hockey puck, and she'd better call him a has-been. Or else what's the point?