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TV Bulletin Board (Dec. 5)

Absent new shows for the foreseeable future, Saturday Night Live will resurrect its past by taking over half of NBC's Saturday prime-time schedule this month.

The 90-minute reprises start on Dec. 8th with The Best of Will Ferrell (8:30 to 10 p.m. central). Following Saturdays will bring The Best of Chris Farley (Dec. 15), The Best of 2006-07 (Dec. 22) and Saturday Night Live Goes commercial (Dec. 29).

***The fifth and final season of HBO's The Wire will begin on Jan. 6th (8 p.m. central). HBO says the concluding 10 episodes will spotlight the media's role in "addressing -- or failing to address -- the fundamental political, economic and social realities depicted over the course of the series."

Series creator David Simon is a former reporter for The Baltimore Sun.