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TV Bulletin Board (April 14)

CBS plans to quickly reboot Big Brother and premiere a 10th edition as part of a summer schedule announced Monday.

The network also will further expose Regis Philibin as host of Million Dollar Password.

Big Brother's quick turnaround, after an ongoing strike season edition, is set for Sunday, July 13th, with weekly episodes also earmarked for Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Philbin's ramped-up Password, featuring celebrity players such as Rosie O'Donnell, Neil Patrick Harris, Rachael Ray and Betty White, will debut on Sunday, June 1st.

Another hot weather reality show, Jingles, is from Survivor creator Mark Burnett. Premiering July 27th, it challenges contestants to write and perform their own -- all together now -- jingles for products, TV shows, sports teams, etc. And Greatest American Dog (July 10th) will award $250 grand to the winning pet/human team.

Two new previously announced scripted dramas, Swingtown (June 5) and Flashpoint (July 11th), also are in the summer mix. CBS plans to fill out its prime-time lineup with repeats of hit drama series.