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TV Bulletin Board (June 21)

This is a big day in the annals of high-minded political discourse. For it's on this day that Comedy Central has launched the self-standing Indecision2008.com web site.

Here you'll find the very latest in "something approximating election news with something approximating honesty." Or as a press release otherwise puts it, "The launch of this new site firmly cements Comedy Central as a player in the 2008 presidential race and marks the network's 16th year covering political elections."

Look for a bounteous collection of clips from The Daily Show, The Colbert Report and the new animated series Lil' Bush. Even better, they can be embedded on various, nefarious and rebellious web sites, including friendly unclebarky.com. To celebrate the site, here's a clip from Stephen Colbert's "endorsement" of Republican Fred Thompson, which includes excerpts from his interview with Jay Leno: