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TV Bulletin Board (Dec. 12)

Muscle car and driver: Justin Bruening will pilot KITT in NBC remake.

NBC's two-hour Knight Rider "movie event" will premiere on Sunday, Feb. 17, the network says.

Soap hunk Justin Bruening (All My Children) takes over the wheel from original star David Hasselhoff, who will have a cameo.

***Fox's seventh season of American Idol again will have an Idol Gives Back charity component. A two-hour special is planned for April 9th after last year's event raised $75 million.

Idol returns on Jan. 15th after auditioning hopefuls in seven cities, including Dallas.

***Even a strike-pocked season hasn't stopped ABC from canceling the new drama series Big Shots. Its three remaining un-aired episodes will gather dust until being included as "lost" hours in the inevitable DVD "Complete Series" package. ABC will fill BS's Thursday, 9 p.m. (central) slot with various repeats.

***For the first time ever, network television's semi-annual "press tour" has been canceled. January's scheduled event in Los Angeles, in which midseason programming is showcased for the Television Critics Association, will be a no-show whether the writers' strike is settled or not.

"I apologize for this frustrating process, as well as its resolution," TCA president Dave Walker of the New Orleans Times-Picayune said in an email to members.